A Saga of Art Appreciation and History

This year we were particularly blessed as we had Corinne an art critic who offered art history classes.Last year we had few sessions too, but this year we were focussing more on the subject.

We discussed the ancient  Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art. We tried to understand the purpose of the art in those time.How Egyptian art focuses on afterlife; Greek on humanism and perfection and Roman art on realism.

We studied architecture, paintings, and sculpture and also the evolution of art.How art has changed through the passage of time; how and when perspective was introduced in the middle ages and the different artists of Renaissance.

The most interesting study was the life of Leonardo Davinci.It was revealing that one person can be a  painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer and also draftsman.

We also learned about a few art movements like cubism, impressionism, and expressionism.

In great artist series, we studied: three famous  Spanish painters-Picasso, Dali, and Goya; Monet,  Edvard Munch ; Degas; Leonardo da Vinci; Vincent Van Gogh and Marc Chagall.

While we were studying all these topics we felt the need to connect to the place where we lived i.e. Tamilnadu, India.What is art like here and what is the focus?As part of Tamilnadu series, we studied Mamallapuram, Tanjavore, and Chidambaram.We went for a field trip to all the places and it brought life to our classes at school.

The art Appreciation classes filled us with Wonder,  surprise,  appreciation,  knowledge,  aesthetic sense,  and Happiness.




Auroville Trashion Show With Craft Class


In January, after Pongal, Narmadha and Veronique, Faith class craft teachers, decided to register to the Auroville Trashion Show 2018 those of their students who would wish to participate.

Five students were willing to create a dress and to present it as a model, two from the juniors group and three from the seniors.

Children who did not want to participate to the project by creating or presenting would help by making accessories and ornaments.

There would be also a dress created by Narmadha and presented by a teacher.

On the first week, the students had to think about the materials they could use and to draw the dress these materials inspire them. The theme being trash in the sea, they had to focus mainly on plastics.

The next step was to go to Eco Service to collect the trash needed. People from there help us and they could collect old CDs, plastic bags, onion’s plastic sacks, tarpaulins…

Upcycling studio helped also the group in its project by providing tetrapak’s plastic caps, CDs cover and even lending special scissors for cutting the CDs.

The Trashion Show was planned for February 23rd, but had they to send photographies of their creations by February 12th. Basically they had two weeks left, which were quite busy.


Working on dresses


Photo shooting on rehearsal


Trashion Show
Falguni’s dress



Trashion Show
Deepanam Team


Trashion Show
Final of The Trashion Show

A Walk for Human Unity, together and towards each other…

JpegOn Jan 28th Deepanam School joined Sri M. for the walk of hope.

You may ask what is walk of hope ?Walk of Hope was a padayatra for peace and harmony by the Manav Ekta Mission which covered 7500 kms from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Led by Sri M, founder of Manav Ekta Mission, the journey spanned 16 months through 11 Indian states, bringing together citizens from all walks of life. Traversing the varied landscape of India, it sought a significantly restored nation—fit enough to be bequeathed to our future generations.

Well I would have loved to join them but unfortunately I didn’t know about it at that time .Imagine walking for whole year from southern tip  to North of India spreading the message of peace , harmony and human unity.

However I was able to participate here in Auroville. Children and teachers of Deepanam School participated in the walk which was to start from Matrimandir main gate and was to conclude at the Mosque of Rayapettai.

We started from the Matrimandir  and reached the Kali  Temple in kottakarai. From there we went to kottakarai plaza. Swaram gave us a grand reception with their music and provided us refreshments.The children explored the music park and Sri M visited the work shop.

From there we headed to Isai  Ambalam School. School children presented songs to us.From there we visited the mosque.

Our walk concluded and each of carried the message of oneness and peace in our hearts . I truly felt blessed to be a part of the whole process.








Feild Trip to Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram or Seven Pagodas , is a town 85 kms north of Pondicherry on the Coromandal Coast (south east) of India.

It was a bustling and important sea port of the Pallavas who ruled over much of South India from as early as the first century B.C to the eighth century A.D.

At Mamallapuram ships rode at anchor bent to the point of breaking , laden as they were with wealth, big trunked elephants and gems of nine varieties in heaps.

It is now recognized as the site of some of the greatest architectural and sculptural achievements in India and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mahabalipurmam got its name from demon mahabali.It is believed that Mahabalipuram was renamed to Mamallapuram after the Pallava King Narsimha Varman I who went by the name Mamallan because of his great wrestling skills. Pallava kings made Mahabalipuram their capital and brought new artistic styles to the culture.Another name by which Mahabalipuram has been known to mariners , at least since Marco Polo’s time is Seven Pagodas alluding to the seven pagodas that stood on the shore.only one of them survives caleed the shore temple.


The temples of Mamallapuram portray events described in the Mahabharata and show the movement from rock cut architecture to structural building.The mandapas or pavillions and the rathas or shrines shaped like chariots are monolithic -hewn from one granit rock face , while the famous Shore Temple erected half a century later is built with dressed (cut blocks) stone.

Places we visited:

Pancha Rathas

Shore Temple

Arjuna’s Penance

Soil Observation in Buddha Garden

In our gardening class in Buddha garden, to understand the difference in the soil in different places, we took samples of soil from various parts of Buddha garden.

One from a fertile bed, one from near the pond and one from a bed in the process of being made very fertile.


Soil samples were of different shades.We observed each sample  and concluded that:

1.The darker the soil the more moisture it has.

2.The blacker the soil the more organic matter in it.

3.The soil near the pond had a high quantity of silt thus it was a lighter brown.

4.The soil from the fertile bed was very dark and black as it was full of moisture and organic matter.

5.The soil from the bed which was not yet very fertile was lighter than the complete bed but darker than the soil from near the pond.


Toy Making workshop

In this day and age of video games, we teachers were skeptical as to how the children from the multicultural background, used to modern technology would react to a workshop on making traditional toys with simple household materials.But finally, we arranged it after a lot of persuasion from Deepakji who was offering the workshop.


The workshop was divided into 5 sessions of 2 hours each and the last day Deepak called hospital day where the children would mend the toys they had made if needed .

So the first session began with introduction and making of the toy which children named magical window.

The second toy was made with simple twig and paper.It was called dancing doll.

The third toy was a bit more complicated but after two days experience children were more confident.It was amazing to see that each toy though of the same kind was a unique creation.



The fourth day was board game time.We made an ancient Bagh Bakri that involves 20 counters characterized as bakri or goats and 4 counters as bagh (tiger).It is a strategic hunting game where the tigers have to kill as many goats as they can while moving forward two steps in any direction.And goats have to trap tigers from all sides.This game ends only when the tigers have captured all the goats or if the goats are successful in trapping all the tigers and hence, they are unable to move.

Children made their own plus we made a huge board on the floor and counters.The room was abuzz with children and adults keenly playing the game.Deepak did not give away the rules so children could actually decide for themselves and come up with different innovative ideas and strategies.


There was a lot of scope for creativity and imagination as the toys were named by children themselves and there were objects to draw and paint.It was an amazing experience both for students as well as teachers.We experienced the joy and wonder a simple toy can offer.

Buddha Garden

I went to Buddha Garden on Wednesday with my classmates. It was not my first time to do gardening. I used to do gardening in Korea with my family. I wanted to challenge again and experience more things. That’s why I decided to join gardening.

I’ve been wondering what we were going to do on our first day and I thought it would be very hard. We did weeding, planting, and carrying the stuffs for gardening. My favo

rite work was planting pumpkins. I like planting, because my mind is really happy when I plant something by myself and I feel that I am giving a new life for a plant, whichever plant it is. Before starting planting, we had to cut all grasses and throw out rocks. It was hard to keep my position and my legs hurt a lot. And everything was interesting.

It was first day for everyone to come to Buddha Garden and we looked around the garden. I imagined the garden would be very tiny but it was extremely big than I had expected. They provide a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I was happy that I also planted pumpkins and provide one thing. I hope we  do something at other place next time and I would like to do harvesting, too.

We ate breakfast there and came back to school. It was such a nice experience to do gardening, and I am looking forward for the next class. I think gardening is same as giving lives for them and I’m really joyful to do such works. I hope we have plant next time.

By Eunsu