The four agreements of Deepanam

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The four agreements of Deepanam school are, care for yourself, care for others, care for materials and last but not least care for the planet.

To fully absorb the meaning of these agreements we did an event where 56 children were split into groups of six each facilitated by a student of the Faith group, we made posters about the different agreements.

Here is the feedback from each group

The Light group students really enjoyed it, but as there was a language barrier some of them did not really understand, they felt they should have been given more specific instructions.

The Peace group students had a lot of fun and were very involved in what the were doing.

The Grace group students also had fun but felt it was a bit too chaotic.

The Faith group students had a lot of mixed feelings about this event, some felt it was not needed but anyways went along with it, some were pleasantly surprised while some who expected great outcomes were a tad disappointed.

Although the event turned out to be a mixed bag, all of us learned a lot and our posters now hang in the central area, lighting up the school.


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