On the evening of the 20th of October, each student in Faith Group recited a poem for friends and family. Our teacher, Mahavir, informed us that we would be doing this a few months in advance. His idea was not received with

enthusiasm from most of our class.

Since we both are passionate about poetry, we couldn’t wait until the day and we were seriously writing our poems while the rest of our class thought we were psychopaths. We shared our ideas and helped each other.

It was informed well in advance, most of our class only finished their poems the weekend before the evening. We had a few run-throughs a few days before and we were all quivering with nervousness even though our audience was only our friends and teacher.

Back to the night! The event was announced by Aanya. The stars were out in the sky, as we stood one by one in a horse shoe of candles in front of our expectant audience. The fire lit up our faces while we recited our uniqueness. Our very special guest was Olivier’s 2 year old daughter who wandered on to the stage and the background music of our poem was her tinkling laugh.

All in all, we enjoyed this experience. It was a great opportunity for us to go on stage and increase our confidence. WE hope to do this again!

– Manya and Aiyana




Summer nights, the cicadas sing,/write me a letter against the summer sands,/one I can’t keep. – Gayatri, from “Hello”

Years of plundering and pillaging/By the wonderful human race;/Perhaps our sun has started setting- /Our house is on fire, they say./Joy we have brought, but sorrow more/As we stumble through the ages,/The wounds we’ve inflicted stretch from shore to shore:/When will the sun stop rising? – Manya, from “Setting Sun”

A tinkling laughter like windchimes in the wind/A deep chuckle like thunder gliding across the sky/A childish laugh running across the room spreading joy – Aanya, from “Tapestry”

We travel along this river/choosing in which course to flow/going along with the rapids/but sometimes against the wind’s blow/Floating through the moon’s tears/and living the storm of the stars/Planets, orbiting around my soul/I am, my own universe – Aiyana,from “The Cosmos In Me” 

There are many more…






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