My trip to Japan

I went to Japan this year. It was slightly different from other years as I’d gone to Hiroshima and Osaka before going to my grandma’s house.

i first went to osaka and then went to hiroshima which i would absolutely go again. it felt so solemn over there and was overwhelming almost.

I visited the peace park and left the 1000 cranes we made at Deepanam under the goddess of peace statue.

Of course, I went to other places apart from the peace park such as Miyajima. the only way to go to miyajima was by ferry, and i loved the ferry ride.

when we reached miyajima, there were so many deers and the huge torii gate of course.

we went trekking to a shrine atop the hills and when we’d reached, although exhausting, it was a nice place. we had to trek for a while after reaching the first shrine to reach the top.

there was also a ride that included lines and stuff to get you further up the hill before you could finally reach a stop where you could rest and there was a nice view there.  we had lunch there.

we started climbing down and had a short rest when we reached the first shrine which was the one with an eternal flame of love, boiling water.

we stopped there for a while before continuing.

when we left hirosima, we got onto a sleeper bus which was a really comfortable ride and when we did reach, i was surprised that it was so fast.

we got to my grandma’s house and settled down.

After a couple of weeks of settling down, we went to meet the school teachers. this year, I’d be starting middle school. I was slightly nervous but when I did go to school, it was really fun.

many people were from elementary school and I knew most of them. when i got to class, i realised that my closest friend was in the same class and i was so ecstatic. i had a lot of fun there and made many memories.



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