My NaNoWriMo experience

I honestly enjoyed it a lot even though all my deadlines were piling up on me and it was quite stressful. I was never the type of person to complain if I were to write a lot since I’m quite sure I could. I loved writing since a young age so I thought it would be simple.  We had to write in school during breaks and random times our teacher managed to make. I thought I could write at home but apparently, my old iPad couldnt do that and it refused to load. I was lucky I had started writing on some other page long before Nanowrimo because I began to skip days and on the weekends I couldnt write at home I began to doubt myself. I started to wonder if I could finish writing since the school keyboards were really hard to type on and the atmosphere kept distracting me. I even began plans for a second book.

I told my mom about this and asked whether she could help me. Im glad I did because she suggested I use her I-pad. That really saved me and I got so excited I began to write about 4000 words a day! The keyboards were so easy to use and I could choose to listen to music as well! I was writing and writing and writing. I forgot all the deadlines and everything. I just kept writing and easily cleared the 20,000-word goal. Dont get me wrong though! I may have finished the goal but I wasn’t even anywhere near the climax of my story. I had added so many details and was putting off the rest of my story because I thought it was “way too short. There needs to be more of a time gap! He can’t just do everything in a week! I already made him leave his house after three days! There wasn’t even time to understand his family‘s behaviour!” So I made his adventure longer and longer until writer’s block hit me like a wrecking ball. Oof! I kept putting off the rest of the story until I realised it was November 30th, and the deadline was ready to hit me. I needed to write everything in a single day! I begged my mom to let me stay up late and I wrote all the time, ignoring the spelling mistakes. Forgetting my capital letters and destroying my grammar. I kept writing. Then, I started writing while standing because I had to charge the device. I paced around the house when I got a writer’s block, I searched up ideas and thing I never thought I’d search up. I wrote random things in my note in an attempt to get rid of a writer’s block. I forgot time existed and I was whirling around in a jumble of words and ideas until I felt like the clock was watching which broke my trance and I was back. The clock ticking. As if to tease me. I could hear my heartbeat as I realised the time was 11:59. My fingers typed twice the speed as I tried to finish the new goal that I’dgayatri decided for myself after I’d cleared the original goal. Forget 100%. my goal was 200%. I bit my lip and kept glancing at the clock. 198%…. And that’s when the clock struck 12:00. I didnt become Cinderella though. I started at my screen, wondering if Nanowrimo would close completely and I couldn’t write anymore. Guess what? That never happened. I kept writing. It soon became 2:00 in the morning and the goal percentage hadn’t gone any higher than 198% even though the word count had. I was currently on 39000 or something and that’s when I heard a creak come from my bedroom. My heart stopped momentarily and knew I was going to lose my head to a demon.

What are you doing up so late?! You said you’d be done by twelve!” She growled. I had awakened the devil herself. My mom came up to me menacingly and I gulped nervously before promising I’d go to bed that instant. I ran to my bed as if my life depended on it and fell asleep immediately.



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