News and Notes


So, for a week or two we were deciding what the name of our class magazine would be (as far as I was there) and we decided on “Deepanam’s leaves”. Then we went to news & notes headquarters. OK no. it’s not a war thing… uh, its actually a place next to town hall where Auroville’s weekly newsletter is published. We watched some newspapers being printed. Then the person at news&notes, Sabine, proposed the idea that we could design the front cover for youth day. So we all drew something for the cover.

newsand notes

We were told to merge drawings together.The drawing ended up as a girl holding earth outside a door that has lots of posters like “open only on youth day” and things like that. I think it was a nice idea. After we did that we chose our jobs  (for the newspaper we are doing a project). I ended up as the illustrator which I’m happy with. I’ve even come up with a story for the comic! The editor works really hard alongside the organizers to give us all the tasks to work on-  such as our first day of school and how we felt that day, or our favorite moment in school and many more topics. We even stopped painting classes for the magazine. (the creative writing teacher and the painting teacher is  the same person)  We are working really hard and I hope we won’t disappoint you!                                                                                                                           sincerely,

♥Gayatri♥  Age 12


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