Vyomini’s review of The Bluebird

JPR_2966The Bluebird play is about two siblings going on an adventure seeking happiness.I played the character of Mytyl.She is older of the siblings and her brother’s name is Tytyl.

They come from a poor family and Mytyl is angry about the poverty.She has a tendency to lose temper and she has a good or rather forced relationship with her younger brother.In some ways, I feel like we are similar.Maybe not the way we live but at times I felt like I say the things that are quite similar if not the same.We share the same sarcastic humor, also the pain of having an annoying brother.

Playing the role was quite simple, the lines I wasn’t confident about remembering, in the beginning, came out well during the rehearsals.

I am proud of the way I presented this character.Talking about regrets I would bring up me being sick and really strained my voice to be loud on the stage.I should have taken care of my health but all’s well that ends well!!

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