My experience of The Bluebird

“So here we go! First, we started by reading the whole play script.We spent a lot of time before finally finishing the script.Then we were asked to choose what role we wanted and to write on a piece of paper and give to the teacher.

I just asked to be a boy since I didn’t want makeup.When I found out I was going to be TYtyl (the main character’s younger brother) well …. I don’t know whether I was happy or disappointed.Bhakti told us to learn the lines so Vyomini and I helped each other for the first few scenes.We re-did it so many times that I even memorized the father’s lines!After the second scene, we gave up.

So when we started acting , I always had the script in my hand.But one day Bhakti said “no scripts”, so I had no idea what my lines were!Bhakti had to remind me so many times and that’s how I learned my lines.The acting part was really annoying since I had to act like a naive younger brother who had no idea what was happening.I also had to act cheerful!!! So…Yeah I did.

My favorite scene was probably the  Luxurys’ scene because I had to fight with my elder sister Mytyl.It was fun!And the part where I got to sleep for a while .

After a lot of practices finally, we performed.It was fun.I smiled for the first bit of the song before uh… not smiling?Buy Yeah!I was happy with my acting although I didn’t look at the audience much and I felt like we all were too soft.But overall it was good.

By Gayatri



One thought on “My experience of The Bluebird

  1. Nice to read behind the scene stories. Good team efforts by all of you. Made me smile, when Gayatri opted for the role of a boy to avoid makeup.

    In my view it was one of the best performances and production by Deepanam School. The moral of the story was appropriate and relavent specially for those like to live for Auroville Very special thanks goes to the dedicated teachers and staff.


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