A Saga of Art Appreciation and History

This year we were particularly blessed as we had Corinne an art critic who offered art history classes.Last year we had few sessions too, but this year we were focussing more on the subject.

We discussed the ancient  Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art. We tried to understand the purpose of the art in those time.How Egyptian art focuses on afterlife; Greek on humanism and perfection and Roman art on realism.

We studied architecture, paintings, and sculpture and also the evolution of art.How art has changed through the passage of time; how and when perspective was introduced in the middle ages and the different artists of Renaissance.

The most interesting study was the life of Leonardo Davinci.It was revealing that one person can be a  painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer and also draftsman.

We also learned about a few art movements like cubism, impressionism, and expressionism.

In great artist series, we studied: three famous  Spanish painters-Picasso, Dali, and Goya; Monet,  Edvard Munch ; Degas; Leonardo da Vinci; Vincent Van Gogh and Marc Chagall.

While we were studying all these topics we felt the need to connect to the place where we lived i.e. Tamilnadu, India.What is art like here and what is the focus?As part of Tamilnadu series, we studied Mamallapuram, Tanjavore, and Chidambaram.We went for a field trip to all the places and it brought life to our classes at school.

The art Appreciation classes filled us with Wonder,  surprise,  appreciation,  knowledge,  aesthetic sense,  and Happiness.



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