Auroville Trashion Show With Craft Class


In January, after Pongal, Narmadha and Veronique, Faith class craft teachers, decided to register to the Auroville Trashion Show 2018 those of their students who would wish to participate.

Five students were willing to create a dress and to present it as a model, two from the juniors group and three from the seniors.

Children who did not want to participate to the project by creating or presenting would help by making accessories and ornaments.

There would be also a dress created by Narmadha and presented by a teacher.

On the first week, the students had to think about the materials they could use and to draw the dress these materials inspire them. The theme being trash in the sea, they had to focus mainly on plastics.

The next step was to go to Eco Service to collect the trash needed. People from there help us and they could collect old CDs, plastic bags, onion’s plastic sacks, tarpaulins…

Upcycling studio helped also the group in its project by providing tetrapak’s plastic caps, CDs cover and even lending special scissors for cutting the CDs.

The Trashion Show was planned for February 23rd, but had they to send photographies of their creations by February 12th. Basically they had two weeks left, which were quite busy.


Working on dresses


Photo shooting on rehearsal


Trashion Show
Falguni’s dress



Trashion Show
Deepanam Team


Trashion Show
Final of The Trashion Show

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