A Walk for Human Unity, together and towards each other…

JpegOn Jan 28th Deepanam School joined Sri M. for the walk of hope.

You may ask what is walk of hope ?Walk of Hope was a padayatra for peace and harmony by the Manav Ekta Mission which covered 7500 kms from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Led by Sri M, founder of Manav Ekta Mission, the journey spanned 16 months through 11 Indian states, bringing together citizens from all walks of life. Traversing the varied landscape of India, it sought a significantly restored nation—fit enough to be bequeathed to our future generations.

Well I would have loved to join them but unfortunately I didn’t know about it at that time .Imagine walking for whole year from southern tip  to North of India spreading the message of peace , harmony and human unity.

However I was able to participate here in Auroville. Children and teachers of Deepanam School participated in the walk which was to start from Matrimandir main gate and was to conclude at the Mosque of Rayapettai.

We started from the Matrimandir  and reached the Kali  Temple in kottakarai. From there we went to kottakarai plaza. Swaram gave us a grand reception with their music and provided us refreshments.The children explored the music park and Sri M visited the work shop.

From there we headed to Isai  Ambalam School. School children presented songs to us.From there we visited the mosque.

Our walk concluded and each of carried the message of oneness and peace in our hearts . I truly felt blessed to be a part of the whole process.








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