Buddha Garden

I went to Buddha Garden on Wednesday with my classmates. It was not my first time to do gardening. I used to do gardening in Korea with my family. I wanted to challenge again and experience more things. That’s why I decided to join gardening.

I’ve been wondering what we were going to do on our first day and I thought it would be very hard. We did weeding, planting, and carrying the stuffs for gardening. My favo

rite work was planting pumpkins. I like planting, because my mind is really happy when I plant something by myself and I feel that I am giving a new life for a plant, whichever plant it is. Before starting planting, we had to cut all grasses and throw out rocks. It was hard to keep my position and my legs hurt a lot. And everything was interesting.

It was first day for everyone to come to Buddha Garden and we looked around the garden. I imagined the garden would be very tiny but it was extremely big than I had expected. They provide a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I was happy that I also planted pumpkins and provide one thing. I hope we  do something at other place next time and I would like to do harvesting, too.

We ate breakfast there and came back to school. It was such a nice experience to do gardening, and I am looking forward for the next class. I think gardening is same as giving lives for them and I’m really joyful to do such works. I hope we have plant next time.

By Eunsu


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