Visit To Eco-Service

We  visited the Eco service center on 6th September. We all went by bicycle. All of us went there to see what happens to  our waste. When we reached there we met Palini,he showed us around the Eco service. I learned that the paper Auroville bakery uses can turn into compost. Palini also told us that they do not take wet waste like vegetable peelings etc. The plastic which  ptdc use for the flour, rice packing are easier to recycle. The chips packets like Lays and Kurkure have seven different layers and cannot be recycled. When we finished our tour around Eco service we went back to the main office. We met a lady named kali. She asked us” what can you do to change the community?’. Everyone answered differently. Then we pledged that we wouldn’t use plastic straws for a year .  After we use it once we throw them away In the sea and oceans and because of that they  get stuck in the turtles nose.

We thanked them for their time and left. We learned that straws can be useful to humans and harmful  for the sea creatures, we should not buy chips packet like Lays because they take a long time to get recycled.

We thank Eco service for doing fantastic work for the community.


Faith ClassDSCN1751


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