Performance of play :Helen of Egypt on the Open House Day

Today we had the open house at Deepanam School.It is an opportunity to for the parents and the community to come and see what’s happening in the school.

We had presentations of Tamilnadu Project by the students of the  Peace group.It was a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage of the state.It was wonderful how dance and puppet show was blended in the presentation.

It was followed by a play in French, which was much appreciated by the audience.

Finally, it was Faith group’s turn.We had been studying ancient Egypt since the beginning of January.It included reading the book: Cleopatra on the Nile, learning the hymn of the river Nile and Ra; .traveling to the very moment when Egypt was created by reading the creation story and painting the Gods and Goddesses in ancient Egyptian style.

Somehow something was missing.We wanted to live the experience of being Egyptians.So what could be better than a play? After a long search finally a script suitable was found in the library.Thus began the saga of the play: Helen of EGYPT.

Excerpt from the background of the play script:”It is said that Helen was so beautiful that her face launched a thousand ships and the Trojan war was fought to bring her back to Greece.

The ancient Egyptians had a very different version of the story, and that version is
presented in this play. This story was told by the priests of Egypt until it was written down by the Greek historian Herodotus, who went to Egypt to learn more about the past. (When the Greeks wanted to study ancient history, they went to Egypt. Though Greek civilization is old, the kingdoms of Egypt stretch much further back into the sands of time.)

After much brainstorming as to who would play what role our practice sessions began.Time was short but we finally did it.



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