The Journey of Rice-from seed to platter

20161012-2-rice-nursery-priya20161012-4-walking-by-the-rice-fields-priya20161012-5-planting-rice-priyaEvery day we eat rice and enjoy various dishes like Idli , Dosa and sweets made with rice, but little do we think of the journey  a small seed makes to land on our plate.

Like other things we , modern people have taken rice for granted.We Faith group from Deepanam School got curious about the origin and journey of the    humble and very own  rice .

We  invited Priya, from Buddha Garden  and discussed about the project.Priya outlined the cource into modules which involved studying the history of rice, cultivation in Auroville and planting a test bed along with Ragi and comparing the amount of water , care and time each cereal took.

The participants of the project are Anisha, Arati,Duniya,Kirill,Lamo,Manu, Nandha,Nittin, Pablo,Praveena,Rudra, Ryan,Shruti and Swathi

The classes are scheduled every wednesday mornings .We have sucessfully completed module one:Visit to Annapurna Farm Auroville.

Children’ s  stories:

Kirill,”We went to Annapurna Farm.We saw Ammas planting rice.We also saw cows and chicken.Selvam explained how rice grows .I learnt that first they try to  sell  rice in Auroville ,but  the left over is sold outside Auroville.”

Lamo,”Today we went to Annapurna Farm and I loved it.

First a person callled Selvam showed us the seedlings and how to plant them.Then he showed how they replanted the seedlings.

We saw the paddy of different varities of rice like redrice, full rice etc.We went around the farm and met the steward of the farm Thomas.

After that we had to go back to school for the rest of the day and I was very sad that we had to leave so soon .I was  happy at the same time because we could start planting rice soon at school.”


We went to Annapurna farm to see their rice plantation. They gave information and explained us about growing rice. They separate the good paddy seeds from the bad ones which don’t grow and don’t let other seeds grow. They put all paddy seeds in salt water and the floating seeds are the bad ones. They have to soak the seeds for 12 to 24 hours in water and plant them.
The cowdung is mixed in the soil for the rice. When 16 days are completed, they collect the plant in bunches. The other place is kept ready to plant the collected bunches. There they plant it with some amount of distance between one another. The rice takes around 140 – 160 days to grow.




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