My experience of Service week.Ryan

I went to MatriMandir and Svaram as part of service week program.

The Matrimandir (Sanskrit for Temple of The Mother) . It is called soul of the city and is situated in a large open space called Peace. Matrimandir does not belong to any particular religion or sect.

The Matrimandir took 37 years to be built, from the laying of the foundation stone at sunrise on 21 February 1971 – the Mother’s 93rd birthday – to completion in May 2008. It is in the form of a huge sphere surrounded by twelve petals. The Geodesic dome is covered by golden discs and reflects sunlight, which gives the structure its characteristic radiance. Inside this central dome is a meditation hall known as the inner chamber – this contains the largest optically-perfect glass globe in the world. The Matrimandir, and its surrounding gardens in the central Peace Area.

The four main pillars that support the structure of Matrimandir, and carry the Inner Chamber, have been set at the four main directions of the compass. These four pillars are symbolic of the four aspects of the mother as described by Sri Aurobindo, and are named after these four aspects.

These are the four main entrances

Name Symbolism
Maheshwari (south pillar) wisdom
Mahakali (north pillar) courage
Mahalakshmi (east pillar) harmony
Mahasaraswati (west pillar) perfection

  At Matrimandir workshop

Matrimandir workshop started in 1972 it was the first workshop in auroville. WE worked with the engineer JEAN and we learned some secrets of Matrimandir which we cannot tell.


On the last day of the service week I went to Matrimandir workshop and met Jean and he gave me  work called filing, He made a groove on the metal and we had to take out the groove from the metal we did that till 11:15 then I came back to school.


In Svaram on the first day I started making wooden whistles

till tea time 10:05 then I continued from 10:30 to 12:00pm. The next day I made my own Overtune flute from 9:00 to 12:00pm.

Then the next day started to make my own stormdrum. I wasn’t able to finish it because I had to glue something and that needed to dry the whole day.

The last day I finished my stormdrum and I had some free time

so I did some other shell work till 12:00pm

I really enjoyed the service week experience.




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