Shruti @ Shradhanjali..

Abha with Shruti and Mira at Shradhanjali

Shradhanjali is a place where they try to express the beauty of nature. It is a unit of Auroville where they make various products from the seeds, flowers , grass and foliage collected by themselves from their own beautiful garden. They make cards, envelopes, lamps, notebooks, jewelry and much more.

On the first day, we had a quick tour of the place. We were given information about all of the sections where they work on different things. We packed the ready cards and learned to separate the flowers from the presses. We got to pluck some leaves from the garden and to press them. The leaves are kept between two newspapers and the newspapers in between two cardboards for a week.

Also, we stuck the pressed flowers, leaves, and grass on folded cards and made our own creations. We learned to bind notebooks using thread and small bamboo sticks. Choosing seeds , drilling a hole in them and making various types of jewelry, keychains, hangings was also a great experience.

Drilling seeds

IĀ just loved being in Shradhanjali, learning a couple of new things from nature for the service week. It was a very unique and enjoyable experience for me.

Feedback from the unit: ( From Abha) -Shruti has been happy, enthusiastic and diligent in her days at Shradhanjali. She has worked creatively in all areas. We hope she looks at nature a bit differently thereafter and continues to explore her talents.



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