Mira @ Shradhanjali

For the service week, I was sent to Shradhanjali with Shruti. We started in 2016 the 25th August till the 1st September.Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit of Auroville, the International Township located in rural Tamil Nadu, 165km south of Chennai, South India.
Shradhanjali’s  goal is to express the beauty of nature by using flowers, foliage, and seeds to create beautiful products in a conscious and caring way.
It aims to provide a pleasant, stimulating, enriching, educative and empowering working environment for the young village women it employs.

There I learned to take care of nature and also learned names of some flowers and seeds.
At first, we toured the place, and after we pressed some flowers and leaves so they could dry. We crafted some notebooks and cards by pasting flowers and leaves. We picked up grass  from the garden; and we made earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with seeds (but first we must make a hole  in the seeds).

And this is the feedback from the director (Abha):
Mira has been enthusiastic and involved in all the process of Shradhanjali and has created different items with skill and attention. We hope she will continue to bloom and grow like the flowers and leaves they have used in their time here.

by Mira


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