Buddha Garden

A 12 acre farm with raised beds and drip irrigation, Buddha Garden grows vegetables and fruit, as well as small quantities of organic eggs.

Buddha Garden was established in 2000 on a small plot of land that was then part of Siddhartha Farm. A vegetable garden was established with irrigation raised beds and dwelling places for Priya and her daughters were built. The main challenges, in the beginning, were to deal with the considerable number of pests that were there because the soil was very poor and the plants not therefore very strong. In the second year, Buddha Garden was established as an independent farm.

The farm has a variety of education and volunteer programs based at the Centre for Sustainable Farming and sells a number of publications on organic farming.

Every Monday they have an Introductory Course where people can come and learn about their methods of organic farming and look around the farm.

Their vision for the future is to become environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. At the same time, they would like Buddha Garden to be a place where people come to share knowledge and experience and to be a source of inspiration both practically and spiritually.

What Did I Do There ?

In Buddha garden, they explained to  me  that they keep chickens for compost and if it lays eggs they  sell it to the Food Link. They feed them with the organic waste from the garden. They  were village chickens. I was working in the garden with Honor (my gardening teacher) and other people also. I was working hard, we were taking out the corn plant in the beginning. And then we were weeding the grass from the ground and giving it to the chickens. I was planting a lot with everybody, then we had breakfast.

  • In PTDC I arranged the stocks on the shelves and stuck stickers on the cookies packets. In the morning, we had a small chanting of OM SHANTI.
  • In Baraka, I plucked some grasses for the chickens.
  • In Auroorchad also I  helped to feed the chickens.

What I Liked/Disliked ?

  • Buddha Garden was nice. I was to work only in the garden, but I wanted to work with the chickens.
  • I liked the New Pour Tous but the work is boring sometimes.
  • Baraka was the best place for me with chickens. But one thing there was, the chicken couldn’t walk when they were newly born and they didn’t have feathers.
  • In Auroarchad I saw many roosters and chicken. Their beaks were black. It was quite far from my school.

What Did I Learn ?

  • In Buddha Garden, I learned many things about plants. I also learned how to weed plants.
  • In New Pour Tous I learned how to put the tags in the stocks, and to change the codes.
  • In Baraka, I learned how to feed the chickens.
  • Auroorchard, I learned how to take care of the chickens.

How Did You Feel ?

I felt really happy about the service week. I liked all the places where I went.

I had a nice experience.






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