Rudra at Nandhanam

My first day at Nandhanam
I went to Vayu group.We made Krishna’s crown and we practiced dance.After snack we sang songs for Lord Krishna’s birthday.
2nd day
We colored Krishna’s picture and we visited Windarra Farm.We had our snack and visited Durga’s(one of the teachers) house.We saw some plants and also planted a few.We came back to school and we went to practice dance.Some children went to play .After lunch, kids went home .
3rd day
I decorated the Vayu Group classroom and we relaxed and played musical chair and langady.After that, we painted and played some games.
4th day
We went to kindergarten for swimming.On the way, we saw a lot of bugs.In the pool, we played Marco Polo.After coming back to school we played.
5th day
In morning some kids went for a painting class and some went to play house.After snack, we made Ganesha with clay and read some stories.
It was extraordinary working at Nandhanam.I enjoyed the school.


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