Naturellement was established as a social enterprise in 1991 in the international township of Auroville, South India by Martina Ljungquist. She maintains the Swedish standards in management , hygiene, and workers welfare. Their popular products include jams, marmalades and fruit syrups, nut butter and breakfast cereals, pickles and pesto

My Work In Naturellement

Naturellement is a nice place ,they always have some work.I did many things but what I liked most was to work in the kitchen . I understood that working with good people is not so difficult. The place is good and people who work there are nice, kind and funny. The work there is interesting.

I liked all the work which I did, and all the people whom I met. Service week was cool and I am so happy that I worked in this perfect place.

What did I feel About This ?

When I was in this place I felt that I was happy, I like this place. During my service week, when I woke up in the morning , I was so happy that was going  there to work.

When I went there for the first time I thought that work would be boring like lessons in Russian schools. But it was not true, Naturellement was a very good place for working.

Next year I want to go there again.


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